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The Many Applications of GIS

Tweet While maps and cartography was once limited to a handful of uses, geographic information systems (GIS) and geographic science spans nearly every field. GIS, which uses the science of geography plus many types of data to reveal insights and patterns that help people make better decisions, is used in …

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How Geographic Information Science Can Help Business

Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST)—focused on capturing, analyzing, and leveraging spatial information—is blossoming with opportunities for prospective students and career seekers as organizations around the globe continue to utlize GIS. From the outer reaches of space, back down to earth for agricultural land plotting, urban planning, and even in …

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How Local and Federal Government Use GIS

Geographic information science and technology have a long history with both federal and regional government. In fact, the Library of Congress contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of maps, and geospatial intelligence has played a vital role in resolving numerous historical conflicts between nations. But how does the government use …

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Spatial Data Acquisition and GIST

It’s no secret that geographic information science (GIS) is a data-intensive discipline. The huge volumes of spatial information available today have created new challenges as well as opportunities for GIS leaders. Today, we wanted to examine spatial data acquisition more specifically, with questions such as: What techniques are available for …

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How Drones Are Improving Emergency Wildfire Response

The California wildfires of 2020 captured the country’s attention as the blazes set sobering records for damage to property and life. It was an intense situation that mobilized GIS professionals at the University of Southern California and beyond to push the capabilities of their technologies. This was especially true for …

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The Application of Geographic Information Science in Earth Sciences

Geographic Information Science (GIS) provides a powerful means of looking at the world and tools for solving complex problems. Innovations continue to emerge from GIS, whether transportation companies are optimizing logistics or manufacturers are tracking the locations of equipment with Internet of Things sensors. Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) …

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4 Uses of Geospatial Intelligence

What is Geospatial Intelligence? Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) is a broad field that encompasses the intersection of geospatial data with social, political, environmental and numerous other factors. The Intelligence Community defines geospatial intelligence as “the use and analysis of geospatial information to assess geographically referenced activities on Earth.” Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) …

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Geospatial Information and National Security

For thousands of years, societies have recognized the importance of geographic data as a means of tracking the unknown through maps. However, in the modern age, this important information is used for more than navigating your way to the nearest coffee house. Today, private companies and governmental agencies combine this …

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How GIS Helps to Overcome Urban Food Deserts

Many of us take access to a broad selection of food for granted, but a wholesome, balanced diet makes a big difference in our lives. Your nutritional choices affect productivity and can contribute to preventing illness. Guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture recommend an eating pattern that features: …

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How GIS Can Help with Emergency Management

In the wake of a disaster, data-driven maps that harness technology can be a true lifesaver. Using geographic information science (GIS) in emergency management can make an enormous impact in mitigating, responding to and recovering from a major event. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, darkness fell across …

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