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Welcome to our geographic information science (GIS) and technology blog. We feature a mixture of GIS academic articles, news, USC student stories and interesting GIS application articles. We recommend visiting frequently if you want to find out more about what excites us as GIS practitioners and academics— we aim to provide a mixture of interesting GIS news articles, career information and highlights from the GIS programs at the University of Southern California. Some of the key topics you can expect to find within our blog include:

  • Profiles of cutting-edge GIS research from USC faculty and students
  • Innovative use of GIS technologies and forward-thinking analysis
  • Careers in GIS and key skills to advance in the field
  • GIS applications in specific industries and sectors, like urban planning, environmental science and more
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The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Job Market as a GIS Professional

Building your professional network, maximizing your resume and researching market roles are important steps to take throughout your graduate education. Whether you’ve just begun researching online GIS programs or are approaching your final months at the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, understanding how to navigate the job market prepares you to …

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Managing Your Time As an Online Student

Time management is the ability to organize responsibilities and allocate the appropriate time to complete tasks. When you’re effective at managing your time, you’re able to meet deadlines, increase your productivity, combat procrastination and reduce stress. As a student and professional, time management also helps you produce higher-quality work more …

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Q&A with U.S. Marine Corps Imagery Analyst Jacob Spear

We’re honoring the active service members and veterans in Master of Science in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence student Jacob Spear has served in the United States Marine Corps for over eight years. Seeking a new challenge and the opportunity to give back to others, Spear began the HSGI graduate …

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Student Interview with Cole Heap

Student Experience: Uniting the Geosciences and Spatial Analytics Cole Heap is a geologist at Aera Energy with 10 years of experience working in the geosciences. Realizing the benefits that would come from tackling projects and challenges with a spatial mindset, he decided to complete the online M.S. in Geographic Information …

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How Remote Sensing Saves the Earth

Remotely gathering spatial information is a powerful means to understand and respond to urgent humanitarian and environmental problems. But, for many years, it was challenging to get the information required to take action as remote sensing data was limited and difficult to acquire. Now, with the combination of new data …

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GIST in the Military: From the Air Force to the Space Force

We’re celebrating our student and alumni veterans by sharing stories about their geospatial work in the military and experiences in the GIST programs. Jillian Combs began the online Master of Science in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence (HSGI) in May 2019 with a mission: complete the program in just one …

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GIST in the Military: The Pervasiveness of GIS

We’re celebrating our student and alumni veterans by sharing stories about their geospatial work in the military and experiences in the GIST programs. Army veteran and Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) program alumnus Chris Sanders completed the certificate in 2018, but he didn’t stop there. “I …

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4 Reasons GIS Careers May be the Best Careers

Geographic information science (GIS) is a dynamic, ever-evolving field with possibilities that increase as the world becomes more connected. Advancements like crowd-sourced location data and drone technology have paved the way for incredible nuance and specificity in spatial analyses, providing easier and more comprehensive solutions in areas like city planning, …

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4 Types of People Who Will Make it in GIS

Careers in geographic information science (GIS) are full of exciting problems that can be solved with state-of-the-art tools and methods. GIS professionals have opportunities to lead projects, drawing on insights from geospatial data to achieve results. By effectively applying spatial reasoning, experts can strategize for business growth, make new archaeological …

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The Top 6 Industries for GIS

Geographic Information Science can bring together large amounts of geospatial data to help professionals make strategic decisions. Widespread GIS technology has led to a growing number of examples of GIS in business. Some of the best GIS projects may be those that utilize technology to improve community infrastructure and public …

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