USC Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute

Careers in GIST

Spotlight on Careers in the Geospatial Industry

October 2023

Special guests: Darren M. Ruddell, Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor (Teaching) in the Spatial Sciences Institute and Nathan Novak, Technical Lead, European Command of Leidos, and M.S. in GIST alumnus.

GIS careers are in high demand across a wide range of areas, including defense, environmental management, urban planning, disaster response and more. In this video, a USC Spatial Sciences Institute professor and a M.S. in GIST alumnus discuss the options available to those who are skilled at collecting, analyzing and visualizing spatial data using innovative tools.

Highlights of the session include:

  • Overview of careers in GIS: Understand the potential paths, roles and average salaries within geospatial science. Learn about the top tasks for GIS technicians and technologists, as well as remote sensing scientists.
  • First-hand career insights: Alumni ambassador Nathan Novak talks about his career trajectory after graduation and how he’s using the skills he learned at USC.
  • Skills needed to succeed: Find out the top-five most frequently requested skills in GIS job postings.
  • Overview of master’s and certificate options: Get a summary of each GIS degree and certificate option to help you decide which program best fits your career goals.
  • Advantages of USC GIS: Explore some of the unique features of the programs, such as the Catalina Island Excursion, active online learning approaches and capstone projects that connect students with industry leaders.
  • Admissions information: Find out what steps to take if you are ready to move forward with USC GIST and the materials needed to apply.

In addition to this video, you can learn more about GIS careers on our blog: explore “4 Reasons GIS Careers May be the Best Careers” or learn about “4 Careers in GIS With Great Job Outlooks.”

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