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Meet Guoping Huang

Meet Guoping Huang

March 2023

Special guest: Guoping Huang, D.DES, Associate Professor (Teaching) of Spatial Sciences

Meet Guoping Huang, who recently joined the USC Spatial Sciences Institute faculty in 2022. Prior to his time at USC, Professor Huang was the director of the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia.

Professor Huang has conducted a diverse set of urban and landscape planning projects in more than 10 countries, many of which have won many international and national awards from academic and professional organizations. His clients have included The World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the US Geological Survey, among others.

In this presentation, Professor Huang speaks on adaptation within the growing field of resilience planning and how we can be better prepared for disasters to sustain our long-term future.

Professor Huang highlights a project he has been working on for eight years, which focuses on a small coastal village in Ghana that has been impacted by climate change. He touches on the relationship between resilience and sustainability and the use of collaborative planning. Professor Huang also gives viewers a glimpse of student-generated solutions to help the village.

Through meeting Professor Huang, viewers gain insight into why it is beneficial to study resilience planning and other GIS pillars at USC.

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