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The Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH370

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has continued to haunt searchers – an international contingent of experienced rescuers and scientists who have been persistently seeking answers on behalf of victim’s families, the airline itself and a concerned public. The cartography of the search is of particular interest – understanding the obstacles searchers come up [...]

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4 Uses of Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence is an important component of any Geographic Information Science and Technology online degree program. It is an area that is not only vital to everyday life – keeping GPS systems accurate – but is also the key to efficient national security, cyber security, and more. Add this infographic to your site University of [...]

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Geospatial Information and National Security

If you are interested in or already are pursuing a degree in GIS online, then you are likely aware of geospatial science’s multitude of applications. One such application involves military and domestic response activities. See more about Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT): Add this infographic to your site University of Southern California Online

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Crowdsourcing Disasters

The U.S. government and other organizations are increasingly looking to crowdsourcing to solve a number of problems. In addition, the world’s populations are continuing to turn to the internet to share and learn about disasters, both natural and man-made. As you work toward your master’s degree in Geographic Information Science and Technology, it’s important to [...]

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Top Companies Using GIS Technology

Though it is based in science, a GIS degree does not just prepare students for a career in the sciences. An education in Geographic Information Science and Technology can develop your data analysis capabilities as well as your proficiency with information technologies. These skills can then be applied to a number of opportunities as you [...]

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Improving Public Safety with GIS Technology

Improving Public Safety with GIS Technology GIS technology is building safer communities. From enabling crime mapping to providing actionable insights for the authorities, the technology gives public officials and law enforcement leaders intelligence that they can rely on when making important decisions. How GIS Technology is Building Safer Communities GIS technology helps officials build safer [...]

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